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Triangle … a Tradesman of the respectable class

by on January 25, 2011

Take for example an equilateral Triangle – who represents with us a Tradesman of the respectable class.
– Flatland: A romance of many dimensions

Is it just me, or is Triangle one of those poses that it seems like, just when I think I’ve ‘got it’ I’ll be adjusted? And suddenly it’s Oh, didn’t realize that was there.

Triangle is actually pretty tricky. For a while, my favorite coaching for the pose was “imagine you are a piece of toast,” encouraging us to flatten out. However, a really knowledgable teacher of mine mentioned that this ‘flat’ (har) coaching can result in a common yoga injury. There’s a pretty good commentary on this particular one. The short version is going ‘flat’ is asking your hips to go oww one day … or not. But why risk it.

Do you like to chill out and bask in triangle?

I think after learning this, is when I really started to consistently enjoy going into triangle. Because I get to go through the inner dialogue from years of triangle:

Is my leg engaged?
Is my knee pointing to the ceiling?
Is my side lengthening?

and so on. Learning (some) anatomy helps me better appreciate yoga because I know I’m protecting myself. If there’s nothing else said for alignment yoga, it’s that it abides by “If you do nothing else, do no harm.” No shoulderstand injuries with a good teacher. No broken toes from doing something too far too soon.

And pulling back … that’s something I often need when my vinyasa practice could best be described as “The attempt to set one’s self on fire.” So when your teacher pulls you back – hands you a strap, block, etc., do you sometimes find the competitive urge roar? Or can you, as a teacher taught me not “take it as an insult, take it as a strap”?


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  1. sachin permalink

    Just goes to show – the instructor is merely a guide, with the body being the real teacher. So, looking for a guest poster / co-blogger?

  2. i have the same experience with my bikram triangle. 3+ years into my practice and i still get corrections that make this posture explode into a whole new realm. it’s why its one of my favorites. i’m so grateful yoga isn’t stagnant and that there is no end to the learning and growing!

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