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Beautiful video, and thoughts on injury

by on May 16, 2011

Via YogaDawg

So, I have tennis elbow** going on – and I really hate being injured. I’m whiny, I hate taking time off, and especially hate not doing sport the way I like to. And the PT said yoga [asana] was a bad idea (since a lot of it involves weight on the arms). Yoga friends have said some of the things I’ve thought myself – “this will help you teach better, from your own experience,” and of course, the classic “maybe this is your yoga” (cliche). I don’t have much to say here, but I’d love to hear about others’ injury experience, how you feel when you aren’t going to the studio (which means not seeing some friends sometimes — *sad*), whether you’ve continued to push yourself to benefit or misfortune … what’s your experience? Any advice?

**No, I do not play tennis, it’s from work and from doing yoga without sufficient strength in my shoulders – meaning I dumped my body weight into my elbows. Ow.


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  1. Had about of pneumonia early in the year… between that and bad weather I took no yoga for two weeks. Very easy to slip into old habits without regular practice… Still trying to get back on track. You miss the energy of the studio and your friends. Great video… note how controlled her breathing is!!

    • Yeah, I went to a ‘yogalates’ class on Monday and saw so many friends! I just setup in the back and did everything without arms — interesting, I’d say!

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