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Basically, all is well

by on July 5, 2011

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Being in Dubai for my sister’s wedding, I am constantly reminded of my Hindu heritage. Either via ritual ceremonies, or my grandmother’s presence and daily worship.

Growing up, I regularly questioned the value and meaning of these practices. Now that I am older, and walking my own path, I’ve developed my own philosophy (that is of course, constantly changing).

Last time I was home, I read something called “The Gist of the Gita” and it resonates so well with my own philosophy, that I have to share it.

Whatever happened to you, it went on well.
Whatever is happening now is going well.
Whatever has to happen will also be good.

What have you lost for you to cry?
What have you brought with you for you to lose?
What have you created for it to go waste?

Whatever you obtained was taken from here.
Anything you gave away was given to you here.
What is yours today will belong to someone tomorrow.
In another day, it may belong to someone else.

This is the rule of nature, and my summary of creation.
-Lord Sri Krishna


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  1. claychica permalink

    I read back in the archive a little when I discovered your blog today. This post is exactly where I needed to arrive. Thank you.

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