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That feeling in your gut

by on August 16, 2011

I’ve been stressing myself out lately. Don’t you do that sometimes?

Recently realized I’ve been holding my stress, frustration, and anger in my gut.

I’ve been moving to a new-ish city (long-ish story), stressing out about lifechange, getting too worked up about nothing.

But there are a few things that have helped me work through this:

  1. Core work (burn, burn, burn – Pilates can be great for this).
  2. Cooling foods and fruit (get some peaches while they’re in season!)
  3. Some of those vinyasa-y classes I don’t often go to (Dharma, Ashtanga …)
  4. Breath of Fire  (great in the morning especially if you live in the city – can you do 3 minutes straight?)
  5. Having a forgiving heart for drivers while riding your bicycle (let go of the anger!)
  6. Running as fast as you can, so your lungs feel melty and you have to just let it go

What do you do to get un-stressed and burn it off?


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  1. Guerrilla Yogi permalink

    that video is such a trip…

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