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by on August 21, 2011

I love Pamster’s last post. I’m also moving (a few miles from VA to DC), and I’m hoping to find my own means to ensure a seamless transition. Part of the solution lies in finding my own inner rhythm that will eventually align with my external environment. The breath helps, for instance:

1) Breath of fire during core work: Lie on your back, exhale navel to spine, lift feet, gaze to toes, and breath of fire until eternity.

b) Vinyasa yourself. Memorize the sun salutation sequence at your next yoga class and perform whenever possible, focusing on breath. It’s easier than you think.

4) Breath of fire while driving to work. Not recommended for everyone. Red lights are your friend: use the opportunity to breathe slow and observe the sensations that arise.

These are just some of the means to find a rhythm and eventually “burn it off”. Your own personal practice may include variations. Just remember, focusing on the breath will be your saving grace, whether you’re positioning that papasan or carbonating the keg.


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