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Tuning In

by on October 19, 2011

I’ve been participating in a global sadhana for 17 days now … and now that I’m this far in, I’m thinking I’ll actually finish 😉

The practice over the 40 day period is intended to help one ‘flow’ with their inner/universal wisdom. And not inconsequentially, each session of Kundalini yoga begins with “Tuning In” or chanting the Adi Mantra,  Ong Namo Gurudev Namo

The point of tuning in is to align yourself with that energy and wisdom of teachers past and present. My Iyengar classes start with a chant, Ashtanga classes begin with a chant, yoga sutra study begins with a chant … aligning yourself toward wisdom can make you more receptive, prepared, and energized to experience a practice.

It just seems to me that in these hectic times, if you can do one thing, it might be to “get online” and tune in with your self and maybe the Self (ooooooh). So maybe that ~2 minutes of Adi Mantra means a lot more than we think.


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