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Just because someone was mean to you, don’t call all vegetarians jerks

by on December 19, 2011

Evidently some people in the yoga community feel like veg*ns are jerks. Or, they’re only jerks if they talk about it. At all. From personal experience. Because obviously, that’s being pushy.


“Personally, I’ve known a lot of very judgmental, closed-minded, proselytizing, non-compassionate vegan assholes in my life”

“the majority of veg*n people that non-veg*ns hear from are deeply judgement[al] and hard to be around”

I’ve seen a few anti-veg articles floating around lately, and have been pondering a thought-out response that doesn’t result in more name-calling. So I’ll say it now, and let’s be clear.

If someone’s acting like a jerk, it’s probably because they’re a jerk, and not because they hold a particular set of beliefs.

So if someone, identifying as head hancho of all vegetarians/vegans everywhere EVAR is telling you that you suck, you should probably recognize …

they’re acting like a jerk, which has to to with them being a jerk, and little to do with the set of beliefs they’re using to support their jerk-it-ude.

Hopefully that clears a few things up. Let’s get on with getting over ourselves.


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