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Losing (and finding) balance

by on February 1, 2013

This time, I’m on a return plane from Bangalore to Mumbai, having acquired some new career-related experiences under my belt.

Certificate of participation at the annual IPR conference
I was surprised at a) how easy it was to network with other IP professionals, and b) how hard it was to stay “yogic” during my visit. Regarding (a), I’ve always had a fear of so-called schmoozing, or in other words, conversing affably with folks in suits with a clear intention of making money off you. From a yogic perspective, it goes against the basic principle of non-attachment towards the fruits of one’s actions.

I soon realized that I was limiting my own perspective: the intention at a professional conference can be simply to enjoy connecting with participants at a human level with any talking “shop” being merely an icebreaker. In other words, if all a person did was talk shop and nothing else, I got bored and moved on. A long conversation with a partner of a Singapore-based law firm over a couple of beers resulted in a real connection, a lot of cultural exchange, and (inevitably as I have learned to understand) several career tips for opening more doors. Somehow, treating career growth with the same nurturing attitude as spiritual growth leads to positive results unfolding in a similar fashion.

On the other hand, there were several instances where the couple of beers turned into many more and, over the course of an evening, I failed to drink enough water or eat at the right time. I know that this invariably leads to eating junk, late, and waking up feeling not-so-hot. In other words, I violated some yamas and niyamas. I also neglected to perform kriyas, or asanas, or at least didn’t do them as diligently (I normally wake up and do a little stretching / deep breathing no matter what, and sitting in a chair for hours at the conference naturally makes me want to perform ujjayi and kapalbhati, just to stay clear-headed). There was also lots of tea consumed. None of this is inherently wrong, just out of balance with how I am when I’m feeling my best.

No matter, I’m back in Mumbai now, and officially starting my yoga teacher training tomorrow! I’ll definitely be updating this blog almost daily, dispensing the wisdom I pick up here, and any additional thoughts. Meanwhile, hope you’re finding your balance, and please comment on your techniques for staying there!

  1. stay balanced = knowing when to stop the beer fest. especially when there’s no pupusas to soak it up with 😉 enjoy your training!

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