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Yoga Teacher Training – Day 5

by on February 6, 2013

Short post, since I’m writing it in the morning before Day 6.

Highlight: Finally got a chance to address my milk question I had talked about on the bottom of my Day 2 post. The owner/director of the studio was walking around after a meal and I asked her real quick: What is the need for milk when it may come from poorly treated and diseased cows? Her response at first was that milk is generally good for you since it provides calcium (I’ve heard that it doesn’t work too well for that, but didn’t want to start an argument). Then she went on to say that when she was a child, they used to keep their own cows, something I can agree with since I’d quite happily consume milk from these cows, or even the cows themselves. Finally (and this was the answer I had been waiting for), she suggested that although the quality / process behind everything we eat is questionable, our body has the wisdom to absorb what it needs, and reject what it does not, so long as we eat with awareness. I know I can eat anything, thus I am a flexitarian, and it’s nice to see this being validated by the guru-ess here.

Our lessons for the day included an exhaustive coverage of the Niyamas. Someone asked an interesting question about Santosh (contentment) vs. Aparigraha (non-hoarding, one of the Yamas), that somehow remained unanswered, probably as a result of its complexity and lack of time.

We did some basic stretching and asanas, and generally the philosophy here is that you need to prep your body before attempting asanas, and there’s a stretching routine that’s completely independent of any asana routine. Hoping to bring this idea back west with me, to emphasize that asana is not stretching.

That’s all, stay tuned for my upcoming Day 5!


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