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Yoga Teacher Training – Day 10

by on February 12, 2013


The focus on basic yogic practices at this institute is really something else. Our morning lecture started with additional basic routines, including oral massage, or jihva dhouti, optimal morning stretches, and bedtime foot massage and pranayama routines.

Next, we were introduced to the concept of namrata (humility). Practicing humility is supposed to make us more open to the world, happier with ourselves (as attachment to ego causes suffering), and happier with others. It’s also a pretty well-covered topic in several traditions. According to yogic thought, there are several kleshas or afflictions that prevent us from practicing humility and, subsequently, from being happy. Interestingly, the wikipedia article on Buddhist kleshas is much more detailed. Also, forward bending asanas train the subconscious mind to be more humble, while back bends increase confidence.

Quote of the day: Jhukta wahi hai jisme jaan hoti hai. Akad hi toh murde ki pehchan hoti hai. (Bowing down is an act of the living, while remaining stiff is an act of the dead.)

Followed by a basic asana practice and lunch (and subsequent relaxation), we were treated to another lecture by the resident medical doctor on the basic functions of the digestive system. Very little new information for me, so I raised my hand to ask about the connection between the digestive system and the nervous system, but a google search reveals far more information than the good doctor could provide.

More interesting was, of course, Asha Sharma’s elaboration on how to create a lesson plan, and details on how we would be teaching 10-minute sessions to local schoolchildren! We were asked to select topics to teach. Mine is going to be body awareness. I plan on introducing the kids to far more material than we’ve learned here, and sneak in a couple of awareness improvement exercises. I just need to think of a motivational tool, or a technique to get them hooked on the topic before I begin the substantive part of my short session. This can involve a game, a story, a discussion, etc.

Any ideas?

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  1. tejkumark permalink

    We should learn a lesson on humility from a tree loaded with fruits; the more fruits it bears, the more it bows towards the earth.

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