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Yoga Teacher Training – Day 16

by on February 22, 2013


We started the day with an in-depth discussion of Om. The sutras (1-27 to 1-29) state simply that it is the sound of the creation of the universe, and chanting it will help eliminate obstacles (of the mind) and tune us in with all creation. Simple, huh? That’s really all I need to understand it, but the lecture provided a few more details…

For instance, the sutras use the term “pranava” which Satchidananda says simply means “humming.” Or, the word “pranava” has been dissected by Sanskrit scholars as a combination of prakarsena (perfect) and nunuyate (praise), or the praise of perfection.

Om is also referred to as anahata naad (noiseless chant). In other words, one can meditate on the sound without vocalizing it, and get the same benefits. What benefits? Apparently, chanting or meditating on om enables us to achieve higher states of consciousness. You think Samadhi is the holy grail? Try Turiya!

Again, I ask for the sources of these definitions, and this time I’m directed to Astha Vashika Upanishad, Manduka Upanishad, and Beej Mantra (a.k.a. seed mantra). Check back again when I may have actually attempted to read these. No promises!

Another interesting experience today was being led through several basic asanas by our fellow 1-month TTC students. Maybe I’m a cut above since I’ve been teaching for a couple of years, but it was painful to sit through some of these sessions! The lesson was, of course, to manage my own expectations, and accept the situation I’m in and make the best of it (i.e. take bathroom / water breaks, and encourage those who weren’t too confident in their abilities to lead the classroom).

Oh, and I got to play the guitar in front of the classroom! And this wasn’t even a part of my scheduled public speaking assignment! This was a pretty momentous occasion, and I’m going to have to write a separate blog about it, so stay tuned! (yes, pun intended)

Ended the day with another anatomy lecture, this time covering the circulatory system. I learned that the heart is formed at about 6 weeks after conception, which still leaves open the question: what is the first organ to be formed? Anyone? (I used to think it was the heart, but now I’m not so sure)

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