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Yoga Teacher Training – Day 21

by on February 27, 2013

The course is coming to an end! We spent most of the morning reviewing the basic asanas taught at the yoga institute. Here is a list of all asanas, and other practices we’ve learned here (all links go to images):

Of course, we only covered about 1/10 of these today, since the review was performed by the students, for the students! In other words, the instructor typically calls on students one by one to demonstrate and “instruct” an asana. I used to get annoyed at the mistakes some of my fellow-students made, but quickly realized that I can’t treat them all like experienced teachers, and everyone’s on their own journey. A lot of them aren’t planning on being teachers anyway, and are only here to develop their personal practices.

We also had a lecture on Confidence, and how trust/faith can boost self-esteem. Also, recognizing the divine nature in others can make you more confident! I think this may be because we realize that Hey! I get to talk to a divine being all the time, and they actually appreciate what I have to say, so I must have something valuable to offer! Or something like that…

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