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Tips on staying warm

by on November 13, 2013
Brrrr…it’s getting cold! Did you know that cold showers help you stay warm? I douse myself with the coldest possible water every morning, which triggers a reaction in my body to instantly bring all the blood and resources towards the core. This reaction has lasting impacts throughout the day, minimizing heat loss through the extremities, improving digestion, and boosting immunity. Check out more here.
Some more tips for staying warm:
  • Sip warm-to-hot water throughout the day to stay hydrated without dousing agni (inner digestive fire, or metabolism). A dash of lemon does wonders for taste and immune benefit. You can add tea as well – just make sure you alternate with cups of plain warm water.
  • Eat more warming foods like root vegetables (beets, onions, radishes), red and black lentils, meat and eggs, yogurt, brown rice, and season with ginger, garlic, pepper, cardamom, clove garam masala, anyone?), sesame seed, turmeric, mustard seeds. More about ayurvedic foods.
  • Massage the joints with sesame or coconut oils to keep them warm and lubricated, especially if you’re a vata like me.
  • Stay active. Work out rigorously. Attend community yoga classes. Do Ujjayi pranayama whenever possible.
  • Relax to conserve energy. Minimize unnecessary movements or conversations that leak energy.
  • Socialize! Potlucks are awesome. Last night’s gathering of friends at my place resulted in a crowdsourced soup, chock full of root veggies, spices, and coconut oil/cream. It was heavenly, especially when shared with other warm and loving people. Get close to friends and family and share your energy with them.
  • Related to socializing: curb the alcohol consumption. A drink or three is great social lubrication, but be aware that you’re dilating the blood vessels on the surface of the body, leading to more heat loss. Also, hangovers really suck.

Finally, here’s a trick I use while walking down the street in the crippling icy wind: I imagine that I’m walking on a hot sunny beach, and I sing reggae music to myself. YMMY, good luck!

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