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by on November 18, 2013
What does the full moon do to us? There’s an undeniable effect. Emergency personnel anecdotes claim that full moon nights are busier, crazier, and more dangerous than nights when the moon is dim.

Some believe it is the slight effect of gravity on the H20 laden brain/body. Others have told of terrible man-wolf creatures lurking in the shadows. Being the product of a scientific education, I scoff at these theories.

Here’s what I think: over many millenia, the endless rhythm of the moon cycle has imprinted itself on our genetic makeup. Our ancestors were able to see better during full moons and, therefore, stay up later, and do more stuff. Despite our very recent lifestyle of artificial lighting and climate control, we’re still coded to have more energy during full moons, thanks to their patterns. Conversely, we’re also coded to lay low during new moons.

In other words, we’re being programmed by lights in the sky.

So what does all this have to do with yoga? Well, yoga empowers us to take control / connect with our true selves by detaching ourselves from being overly attached to transitory things, so that we can live our lives (more here). We do this by practicing diligently to overcome our so-called limitations. For instance, we hang out upside down to reverse the effects of gravity on our circulatory system (among other reasons). Some of us transcend breathing. So we can easily become aware of this celestial cycle and mitigate it’s effects on us, or at least avoid being swayed by these external phenomena.

How do we do this? Simple: do less during full moons and waxing cycles, and do more (or at least attempt to do more) during new moons and waning cycles.

For instance, the full moon is over, and the waning cycle has begun. We can start brushing off the dust, and building more energy so that we can continue functioning through the new moon 28 days from now.

Then, as the waxing cycle begins, we can begin to slow down, and absorb this energy in the form of meditation and higher awareness, rather than mindlessly expend the energy. Or, at least channel the energy creatively, writing words or music, or building relationships and connections.

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