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Guerrilla Yogi, a.k.a. Sachin, teaches free community classes in the DC area.  Predominantly Vata (but occasionally Pitta at parties and Kapha after a big meal), he also brews a mean Kombucha.  You can e-mail him at (and you probably should, if you want to sign up for the Guerrilla Yoga newsletter).  Also check out his facebook page.

Pamster, a.k.a. Pam/Pamela/Pami, is a computer nerd and sometimes yoga teacher.  Considers herself Pitta, although her apartment looks like a constant state of Vata-storm.  An anarchist at her core, you’ll be surprised to find out that she hails from somewhere in the depths of the heartland.  Check out her website and hang out with her on the twitters.

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